Though we are primary engaged in crocodile breeding, and currently house over 1000 crocodiles, you will also find a vibrant array of animal species for your viewing pleasure. These include turtles, snakes (pythons), birds, deer, ostriches, monitor lizards, bearcats, fish (arapaima, catfish, etc.).


The majority of these animals were donated. Some like the monitor lizards were actually captured by our farm workers as they proved to be somewhat of a nuisance feeding in our fish ponds.


Shows / Activities

Our crocodile shows will have you on the edge of your seats as you watch in amazement and shock at our performers getting up close n personal with a giant crocodile. Our trainers are thoroughly trained and educated and are prepared for even the unlikeliest of situations (i.e. crocodile getting agitated/aggressive and attacks). Watch our experienced performers’ mastery in controlling and commanding, while having fun and interacting with the crocodiles, performing moves such as calmly lying on the crocodile’s back, courageously sticking their head into the crocodile’s gaping mouth, etc. You have to see to believe! Our shows usually last 15 mins.

Extreme dangerous poseKissing the croc

The view of crocodiles floating effortlessly in the water may seem like a serene and peaceful view; however, once agitated or come feeding time, these crocodiles show their true nature of ferocity and viciousness. During our feeding times, you will get to see up close just how aggressive crocodiles can be as they attempt to outmuscle each other to feed their voracious appetite. Watch them open their gaping mouths exposing their menacing teeth and snap up, in one viscous swoop, a piece of their meal. Sounds enthralling? Wait til you witness it yourself!

Had enough of crocodiles for now? Well then you can visit our Butterfly Garden. Don’t miss out this opportunity to encounter different species of beautiful and magnificient butterflies. Inside our Butterfly Garden, you can watch closely how the butterflies feed and move flawlessly in the air. You can also see our river terrapin at their pond inside the garden.

Thinking of bringing young kids who may be too scared by crocodiles to the Farm? Fear not, as we have built a miniature fishing pond for kids and adults alike to relax, sit back, and test their fish catching skills. Watch your kids run around, chasing fish, laughing the day away! They can also play with the lovely rabbits and don't forget to take photos.


There is never a dull moment at our Farm as there is always an activity taking place throughout the day. Even when no activities are on, you can always make your way around our Farm, viewing n feeding (feed is sold at the Farm) the various animals mentioned above.

Show Schedule
Pose on lived crocodileBamboo danceGuests invited for danceDeer"I won't bite,my mouth was thightened up"
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