After all the riveting fast paced action of our crocodile and cultural dance shows, kick back, relax, grab some cold refreshments and snacks from our cafeteria and browse our souvenir and leather goods stores. Our souvenir store is stocked with items ranging from customised Taman Buaya Tuaran t-shirts, key-chains, etc., to miniature stuffed crocodiles, providing you with a wide selection of items to take home for your loved ones or as a reminder of your visit to our Farm.

Those searching for authentic crocodile leather goods, look no further than our leather goods store adjacent to the souvenir store, where u can find items for male n female. From small wallets, belts, purses/bags to large carrying handbags in authentic crocodile skin of varying eye-catching colors, you’re bound to find something to your liking.

tinted Crocodile SkinCrocodile BiliaryCrocodile Oil

Last but not least, for those who would like to try crocodile meat, various cuts and portions are available for sale in frozen vacuum packed bags, ensuring freshness and hygiene. Crocodile eggs are also available for sale. Please click on the following link for an article on the medical benefits of consuming crocodile meat.


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