What got you into this business?
How did you get into this industry?
Where did u get these crocodiles from?

These are frequent questions asked by the public. Our founder, Mr. Chai, a.k.a Mr. Crocodile, has more than 50 years of crocodile breeding and farming experience and currently owns the three largest crocodile farms throughout Malaysia (Sandakan, Tuaran, and Langkawi). His story started when he was at the age of 14; being the eldest son of a fishmonger with 11 siblings all living under one roof, he struggled financially. He had to drop out of secondary school and help his father at the Sandakan fish market. While working, local fishermen would often give him for free unwanted crocodile hatchlings that had been caught in their nets. He started with a small pond as his capital was very limited back then. Despite his father’s objection on rearing crocodiles, he borrowed RM600 from his neighbour and started creating his empire. With his dedication, determination, and passion for crocodiles, he has moved to the edge of success, breeding more than 3,000 crocodile babies annually. He has been the pioneer not only to the preservation of an endangered species from extinction, but also provides constant supply of high grade crocodile skins to the leather industry internationally.
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: +60 088 793377 (0ffice)
: +6 088 793623 (Fax)
: +6 088 448622 (Office)
: +6 088 448623 (Fax)
: +6 019 8338336, +6 0128861021 (Sabah based)
: +6 012 3188135 (Kuala Lumpur based)
: weeyingchai@yahoo.com
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